Nubreed Nutrition Notorious

Nubreed Nutrition Notorious

Nubreed Nutrition Notorious

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What is Notorious Pre-Workout?

Notorious Pre workout is a revolutionary hybrid supplement in the world of pre training formulas. Designed to deliver a mind and body connection with a high energy direction, Notorious Pre workout will surely change the game.

Packed full of scientifically backed, patented ingredients in clinical doses, Notorious Pre workout is sports nutrition you can trust. Boasting a generous 4 g of Citruflow™ as a source of Citrulline, and 2.4 g Beta alanine in every 2 scoops. 

The extract of English walnut (Juglans Regia) in Notorious Pre workout creates an intense mind connection, and a euphoric good mood! No excuses, just get up and crush your goals. 

Extensive studies have shown that ingredients like Taurine and Beta alanine in Swole AF Pump are linked to better mental and physical energy during exercise. Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid that works hard to increase the energy available to muscles, through Carnosine synthesis. 

Beta alanine boosts athletic endurance and output, you may notice the tingly feeling while it works! Taurine is our heart friendly amino acid, keeping us going hard in training for longer.

Sports nutrition ingredients:


Citruflow™ is a patented combination of natural ingredients, high in Citrulline and nitrates. This helps with vasodilation and the delivery of Nitric Oxide (NO) to working muscles. An increase in nutrients to the musculoskeletal system gives unparalleled muscle pumps and endurance. 

NRG3™ matrix

A concentrated blend of Caffeine anhydrous, Dicaffeine malate and Caffeine citrate gives a clean surge of energy, for the mind and body. The NRG3™ matrix offers a quality caffeine source, and reduces the risk of an energy crash.

Alpha EXA™

Alpha EXA™ stimulates receptors in the nervous system- giving our brain and muscles that extra strong drive in training. The tunnel vision and concentration you feel on Notorious Pre workout is due to Alpha EXA™. 

Hyperspeed™ complex

Hyperspeed is a unique combination of bioactive ingredients tailor made to give longer lasting energy levels. The nervous system is activated and stimulated, without any negative cardiovascular reactions.

With such an amazing list of clinical ingredients, why wouldn’t they include an ingredient to increase absorption? Astragin™ has great research as a blend to help us adapt to the intensity of high stimulant ingredients, and absorb them for rapid results. 

The flavours Orange Tangerine, Strawberry Lemonade, Sour Grape Candy and Tropical Fruit Punch are a delight for the taste buds. 

SenActive™ is a patented blend of adaptogens, perfect to prevent the crazy jitters or energy crash some high stim products create. 

The only way to become notorious and place your name in the hall of fame, is to do the work and never quit. Try Notorious Pre workout for the win!

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