Darkside Dark Mass Darkside Dark Mass
Darkside Dark Mass
Darkside’s Dark Mass comes with 200mg of reishi mushroom extract, 150mg of tribulus, 250mg of fenugreek, and 600mg each of HMB and the increasingly popular turkesterone. 
Darkside Supps Ultra Pre Xtreme Darkside Supps Ultra Pre Xtreme
Darkside Supps Ultra Pre Xtreme
Unleash the power of the Darkside Xtreme energy Intense focus Great pumps Darkside Supps have come to the party with their brand new Ultra Pre Xtreme, a potent 25 serve formula and as usual, they have not done anything by halves! This is designed to be the ultimate fuel for our workouts, addressing many aspects that are necessary for optimal performance in the gym - the team at Darkside have given us the ability to tap into; Xtreme energy, dialled in mental focus and skin splitting pumps! The formula is fully transparently labelled, so we get to see exactly what we’re taking in each scoop.
Darkside Ultra Test X Darkside Ultra Test X
Darkside Ultra Test X
Powerful testosterone support Proven ingredients Estrogen modulator built in Lowers cortisol Darkside Supps have come to the party with their brand new Ultra Text X, a powerful hormonal support supplement. This is not your standard test booster and offers a eholistic approach to hormonal management. As we know they make use of both classic well-known ingredients as well as the best-trademarked ingredients on today's market, so let's take a look at some key ingredients. Key Ingredients: Longjack Extract: Often referred to as tongkat ali this is a powerful and effective compound to raise total testosterone within our bodies. Ashwagandha Extract: This a herbal extract that has fantastic benefits for estrogen modulation. Estrogen is an important part of the muscle-building equation however once it has served its purpose we want to remove it from our bodies as effectively as possible. In addition to these benefits, ashwagandha is also excellent for controlling cortisol levels. 5-Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin: A plant-based steroid this is a powerful natural anabolic. It has been reported to have benefits for increasing nitrogen retention within the body which leads to enhanced protein synthesis. Not only is the fantastic for muscle recovery but also has metabolic benefits as well. Vitamin D3: One of the most overlooked factors in testosterone support is vitamin D3. This is typically synthesized under the skin from sunlight exposure. However if we do not get enough direct sun exposure it can leave us with deficient levels and suffering from side effects which include lower testosterone, suppressed mood and lowered bone density. This vitamin is vital in mood and sense of well-being and also plays a pivotal role in supporting healthy male function.
Darkside Ultra Shred X Darkside Ultra Shred X
Darkside Ultra Shred X
Ultra Shred X by Darkside Supps is a potent body recomposition supplement, designed to boost muscle growth, amplify fat burning, and supercharge your libido and energy. This unique supplement is perfectly formulated for any male looking to take their physique and training results to the next level. This formula contains a wide array of clinically dosed ingredients, all working synergistically to deliver you the results your hard work deserves. Containing ingredients such as Laxogenin, Shilajit and Lean GBB, this formula is bound to impress both beginners and experienced supplement users alike. Features Improves body recomposition Increases muscle building capacity Supports fat loss Promotes greater energy and libido
Darkside The Force Darkside The Force
Darkside The Force
  The Force Has Been Formulated To Deliver Clarity, Focus And Memory Enhancement. So, If You Are an Athlete, Office Worker, Manger or a Student. #TheForce assists by fueling your mind with a Xtreme Formula To deliver Mental Stamina and Cognitive Performance.
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Darkside Ultra Z Darkside Ultra Z
Darkside Ultra Z
Sleep is an opportunity for growth. We recover the most while we rest, and the body knows this. Catabolic processes slow, growth hormone is released, and muscles repair.  GABA triggers sedative processes in the brain to help you get to sleep faster and improve sleep quality.* Contains amino acids responsible for the formation of serotonin and growth hormone to improve REM sleep and recovery.* Ashwaganda decreases anxiety and promotes anabolic hormone status.* L-Theanine takes the edge off of any lingering caffeine from earlier in the day* Relax Rest Recover   





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