Maxine's Burn Maxine's Burn
Maxine's Burn
from $32.95
- Natural Fat Burners - Low Carb & Fat - Gluten Free - High Protein Since it's release in 2011 Maxine's has grown to become Australia's most popular protein range that is specifically formulated for Active Women! In 2017 we are relaunching Maxine's with a number of key improvements including VIBRANT new packaging, DELICIOUS richer flavours, UPDATED Formulas, IMPROVED mixability and we have kept the same COMPETITIVE price Point!
Maxine's Burn Custard Maxine's Burn Custard
Maxine's Burn Custard
from $32.95
High quality sustained release protein. Added fat burners and carb blockers to help you get leaner. Dessert style thick & creamy protein. Amazing Taste! Maxine’s BURN CUSTARD is a delicious guilt-free dessert treat to help you get into great shape and stay that way.This premium slow-release, high protein formula is low in carbs and enhanced with added fat-burning nutrients. It’s designed to help boost your metabolism, control your appetite, and help build and maintain lean muscle tone. If you do regular exercise, want to strip body fat, or you simply live an active lifestyle, Maxine’s BURN CUSTARD will help you feel great, look amazing, and get the very best from your body.
Maxine's Burn Protein Bars Maxine's Burn Protein Bars
Maxine's Burn Protein Bars
from $2.95 $36.00
Maxine’s BURN Thermogenic Protein Bars are the ideal snack at any time for female athletes and active women. They are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and they contain powerful carb blockers and fat burners to really ignite your metabolism and help you achieve the body you want.  Key Features: High in Thermogenic Protein Low Carbohydrates Low Fat Gluten Free Fat Burners and Carb Blockers Variety Box Details:  Maxine’s Burn Bars have been for a long time Australia’s most popular High Protein Snack Bar for women and now they come in a NEW Variety Box with all your favourite flavours. Each box of Delicious Maxine’s Burn Bars, there are 12 assorted flavours including : 2 x Double Choc Fudge 40g Bars 2 x Cookies & Cream 40g Bars 2 x Choc Caramel Crunch 40g Bars 1 x Berry Delight 40g Bar 1 x Choc Mocha 40g Bar 1 x White Choc Raspberry 40g Bar 1 x Red Velvet Cupcake 40g Bar 1 x Mango Coconut Cream 40g Bar 1 x Choc Mint Fudge 40g Bar
Maxine's Burn Protein Cookies Maxine's Burn Protein Cookies
Maxine's Burn Protein Cookies
from $2.95 $35.40
Maxine’s BURN Cookies are high in protein yet low in carbohydrate and fat, and have a unique thermogenic formula that help you burn fat. The high quality protein blend helps you feel fuller for longer, and combined with carb blocking and fat burning ingredients it makes for the ultimate fat stripping snack. It is a delicious guilt-free treat as part of your fat burning diet, or a fantastic post-workout meal for optimum recovery after a hard workout.   High quality thermogenic protein for appetite control and improved metabolism.   Added fat burners and carb blockers to help you get leaner.   Low in carbohydrates, fats and sugars.   Gluten free for a healthier option.
Maxine's Crea Burn Maxine's Crea Burn
Maxine's Crea Burn
Creatine is the most effective and widely researched supplement available for improving body composition and performance. Why?? Because it works amazingly well! Every athlete, weekend warrior, and gym goer should be using it. What does Creatine do? Put simply, Creatine increases your ability to train or compete harder because it increases your muscles capacity to produce energy. Creatine also increases the rate at which you can build lean muscle tissue – so if you want a lean, toned and strong body – Creatine is a MUST! Maxine’s CREA BURN is a high potency Creatine matrix designed to increase power and performance during workouts and aid in building a lean & toned body. We’ve also added LipoPhase® - our Natural Fat Burning blend to help you burn fat faster! CREA BURN is available in two delicious flavours, Cola Crush and Grape Splash and is the perfect addition to your nutrition plan when having a lean, toned and strong body is your goal!
Maxine's Night Maxine's Night
Maxine's Night
from $32.95
- Natural Fat Burners & Calming Herbs - Low Carb & Fat - Gluten Free - High Protein Maxine's Night is formulated to help tone your body and burn fat while you sleep. Our unique slow release protein blend will also replenish your energy reserves and maximise your recovery. If you do regular exercise like weight training or cardio, play sport or you simply live an active and busy lifestyle, Maxine's NIGHT will ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs so you wake up feeling great, look amazing and able to get the very best from your body everyday!
Maxine's Vibrant Maxine's Vibrant
Maxine's Vibrant
Maxine’s VIBRANT is a female hormone balance formula designed to help promote healthy estrogen levels whilst supporting vitality, mood, energy and libido. This all natural combination of DIM (Diindolylmethane), Panax Ginseng and Maca Root will help keep you happy, healthy and vibrant every day!





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