Max's Glyco Force
Max's Glyco Force
Max's Glyco Force
Max's Glyco Force

Max's Glyco Force

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Meet our brand new PURE carbohydrate complex - MAX’S GLYCO FORCE

A revolutionary sugar-free blend of real food carbohydrates meticulously
crafted for those looking to achieve peak muscle growth and train with
unparalleled intensity, the SECRET lies in the power of CLEAN carbs!

Unlike the competitors, MAX’S GLYCO FORCE is a clean source of 4 real
carbohydrates with no added sugars. Each carb source is a carbohydrate
polymer with different rates of digestion and absorption:

1. MAIZE MALTODEXTRINS - Fast Acting (immediate)
2. TAPIOCA STARCH - Fast Acting (15 mins - 1 hour)
3. WAXY MAIZE STARCH - Medium Acting (1 - 2 hours)
4. SWEET POTATO STARCH - Medium Acting (1 - 2 hours)

MAX’S GLYCO FORCE boasts an unflavoured profile with a remarkably neutral
taste, making it versatile to incorporate into energy drinks, protein shakes,
smoothies, cooking, or simply mixed with water. Elevate your energy and
recovery game with MAX’S GLYCO FORCE – the go-to solution for athletes
and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Don’t be scared of carbs! Carbs are ANABOLIC! Carbs give you energy to power monster workouts! Carbs help you recover and come back stronger. Carbs replenish Muscle Glycogen – your muscle’s main energy source. Carbs fuel muscle protein synthesis. If you train hard – you need carbs!

MAX’S GLYCO FORCE is pure carbs – a blend of fast and medium acting complex carbs derived from real food. GLYCO FORCE contains no added sugar. You will recover and grow like never before! Before training, add GLYCO FORCE to your Pre-Workout and feel the difference! After your workout add GLYCO FORCE to your favourite Protein
Shake to amplify your recovery!

MAX’S GLYCO FORCE will help boost energy for training and speed recovery after training to accelerate your gains!

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Max's Glyco Force
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