Legit Supps Edge
Legit Supps Edge
Legit Supps Edge
Legit Supps Edge
Legit Supps Edge
Legit Supps Edge
Legit Supps Edge

Legit Supps Edge

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LEGIT EDGE PRE-WORKOUT has been formulated with your epic training goals in mind. Clinically dosed, Edge is designed to enhance your training experience through stimulating feel-good energy, brain function, insane pumps and long-lasting endurance to push you over the edge!!

LEGIT PRE is a versatile pre-workout with low stim or high-stim serving options.


Take your workout to the next level with Legit Edge.

Key Ingredients:
Citrulline malate (6000mg) - Relaxes blood vessels and promotes circulation.

English walnut Extract (200mg) – Targeting the central nervous system stimulant to enhance energy, mental alertness, cognitive function and promoting increase in the ‘feel good’ hormones.

Alpha GPC (250mg) - Quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier where it protects neurons and improves brain function and the learning processes.

Beta Alanine (3200g) - Reduces fatigue-toxin production, allowing muscles to perform more reps, more sets and do more work before fatiguing.

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Legit Supps Edge
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