Gen-Tec Nutrition L-Glutamine 320

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Basic Functions: Muscle Growth, Recovery, Immune Function, Anti-Catabolic, Brain Fuel.

Sizes: 50g, 300g, 500g, 1kg

Gen-Tec Nutrition source and blend the highest quality pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine. We are privy to possibly the world's finest (up to 320 mesh size) free form powdered L-Glutamine. We can also boast the lowest impurity content of our naturally derived L-Glutamine product. In fact our "Pharmaceutical" manufacturer use an '18 stage' natural fermentation and filtration process. These two factors contribute to bio-availability and absorption (not solubility in water). L-Glutamine requires no carriers to enter the bloodstream or muscle cells. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue comprising about 60% of the free amino acids in the blood and muscles. It is also very abundant in the immune system.
L-Glutamine stores are depleted during any form of high intensity training (ie weight training, cycling, running etc) through the “glucose alanine cycle”. This can cause catabolism; muscle breakdown.

Supplementation of L-Glutamine helps restore levels in muscle providing an anabolic environment, muscle growth. It will also restore health and integrity of the immune system preventing overtraining syndrome. L-Glutamine combines very well with micronised creatine to aid recovery and increase lean muscle mass. For improved concentration, L-Glutamine crosses the blood/brain barrier to increase vigilance for sports or study.

For best results

Upon rising: 5g

20 mins before training: 5g

During training: 5g

Immediately after training: 5-10g (added to your post-training shake)

Before bed: 5g