In this review, Will & Kim discuss one of the most beneficial Hormonal Support Supplements on the Australian Market, Primabolics Primal Test! The Guys talk about the basics of Primal Test, Symptoms of Low Testosterone, Benefits of certain ingredients and a host of our FAQs regarding natural testosterone supplements! 



2:33 - The Basics of Primal Test

3:17 - Symptoms of Low Testosterone

5:00 - The Benefits of Laxogenin

8:10 - Is Testosterone Booster the right name?

9:20 - Causes of Low Testosterone

11:05 - At what age will you notice a benefit?

12:20 - Why is Ashwaghanda & ZMA in Primal Test?

15:25 - What can you expect from a Test Booster?

16:45 - Should you stack with an Estrogen Product?

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