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1:06 - What’s different from Psyched 3.0 to 3.1?

2:30 - How does TeaCrine & similar extras work?

4:00 - Stimulants in Psyched 3.1

6:28 - Pump & Blood Flow Ingredients 

7:22 - Quality of Ingredients

8:30 - Why is there a B Vitamin Complex in Psyched 3.1?

12:21 - Why is there no Beta Alanine? 

15:00 - Market Demands 



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  • Nick Jones

    Whoooaaahhh….. a lot of info but I am happy with it. Thanks for your support Adrian and Kimmo…! Australian Muscle; Account number 1. Kim was the first retailer to support me and my brand GEN-TEC Nutrition 21 years ago. I will always remember that Kim. Thank you

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