Thursday Thunder Episode 314

Introducing Thursday Thunder Episode 314, the latest installment of our electrifying series! In this episode, get ready for some exciting general chit chat as we dive into the latest trends and topics. But that's not all – we have some thrilling updates for all you fitness enthusiasts out there. Thavage Pre-Workout is finally back in stock, providing you with the ultimate fuel for your intense workouts. And don't forget to explore the incredible benefits of Primabolics Everyday Defence, a must-have addition to your daily routine. We also have the inside scoop on the latest Gen-Tec Nutrition updates, bringing you the cutting-edge advancements in sports nutrition. Plus, discover the best training and tracking apps that will revolutionize your fitness journey. Lastly, gear up with our exclusive Not Asphalt Hoodies, the perfect blend of style and comfort. Tune in now to Thursday Thunder Episode 314 for a high-voltage experience you won't want to miss!


0:00 - TT314
0:05 - Chit Chat
5:48 - Thavage
12:45 - RDN Pre-Workout Stack
18:07 - Primabolics Everyday Defence
19:47 - Gen-Tec Nutrition Updates
22:50 - Training/Tracking Apps
26:39 - Not Asphalt Hoodies

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