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At the highest level of competition where 1 second delay or a few kilograms of weight lifted is the difference between a win and a loss, athletes will utilise everything in their tool kit to maximise their success.

And this is why smelling salts and ammonia inhalants are an important tool to use in both competition and training.

Smelling salts are common in strength sports to help mentally stimulate and ‘psych up’ the lifter on competition day or in training to give them a boost on their competitive lifts. They are also popular in combat, contact and team sports to increase alertness and focus.

Whether you are involved in powerlifting, crossfit, mixed martial arts (mma) or other strength sports; Ammonia Inhalants are a powerful tool in the quest to achieve your goals.

Smelling salts release ammonia gas which triggers an inhalation reflex by irritating t he mucous membranes of the nose and lungs- Essentially it causes the muscles that control breathing to work a lot faster.

As a response, the body reacts to ammonia, the sharp inhalation reflex brings in more oxygen which improves alertness and increase brain activity and reactivation of the sympathetic nervous system which is often referred to as the ‘flight or fight response’.

Since smelling salts produce only a small amount of ammonia gas, no adverse health problems from their situational use have been reported.

Ammonia has been use professional sports for many years. The common use of ammonia has been in the form of medical or ‘first aid’ ammonia capsules.

While the quality is usually high, this is not seen as a cost effective method as each capsule canonly be used once due to the seal being broken.

As time goes on, the general public, amateur and prospective athletes are educated by what the athletes at the ‘top’ use in their arsenal. As a result, products are commercialised and new cost-effective alternatives are developed to house ammonia for multiple use.

Unfortunately, sellers of the product often turn to cheaply packaged and produced Chinese bottled ammonia which often leak and re-sealed in storage which lead to low potent and somtimes ‘dead on arrival’ bottles being sold to the customer.

Skull smash ammonia is formulated in the United States by U.S. military veteran and competitive powerlifter, gym owner and coach of 20 years. Expect hardcore in these inhalants.