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At Gen-Tec Nutrition we are serious about performance sports nutrition for successful results.

MACRO PRO 7 is possibly the most advanced protein blend on the market today. It is a blend of 7 premium proteins for both fast absorbtion along with slow digesting proteins for sustained nitrogen retention and anabolic state.

MACRO PRO 7 is a very complex formulation designed for the most discerning consumer wanting to supplement their daily protein intake and for the advanced consumer wanting to maximise protein synthesis.

This exceptional protein supplement contains ALL NATURAL flavours, sweetener (Stevia) and colours. It is GLUTEN FREE, has REDUCED LACTOSE (added lactase enzyme). Contains ALKALINE SUPER GREEN FOODS along with BROMELAIN for improved digestion and reduction of inflammation. The addition of free form Glutamine and high grade COLOSTRUM (20% IGg) support immunity and gut health.

MACRO PRO 7 is best used between solid meals or immediately after training to induce a fast and sustained release of amino acids from the gut into the blood stream while being completely NATURAL.

28 grams Sustained Protein

7 Premium Natural Proteins

Reduced Lactose

Gluten Free

Natural Flavours

Natural sweetener

Low Carb

Low Fat

Fortified with:

Super Green Blend

Bromelain Enzyme

Lactase Enzyme



SUGGESTED USE; Mix 40g (1 rounded scoop) in 200mls of water in a hand shaker or blender immediately after training or between meals to increase daily protein intake naturally.

Sizes 908g 2lb, 2.27kg/4lb

Flavours: Chocolate Cocoa & Vanilla Bean
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