Bronx Wild Bull Pure L-Glutamine

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Another pure, fast acting Bronx Wild Bull product. 

L-Glutamine is a much loved staple for the general market but particularly valued by bodybuilders and sports people.  This is due importance of Glutamine in the recovery process.  While the body produces Glutamine not enough can be made to cover the body's' nutritional requirement during hard exercise.  Physical stress can place the body in a nutritional deficit re glutamine levels.  Bodybuilders need to be aware that, as glutamine is stored in muscle, levels can be seriously depleted during exercise. 

Bronx Wild Bull Pure L-Glutamine may assist with:

  • Prevention of muscle breakdown
  • Physical recovery
  • Protein metabolism
  • Physical and mental energy
  • Fat burning
  • Athletic performance
  • Improved immunity
  • Growth hormone levels
  • Anti ageing  

Daily recommended dose is 1.9g - 1/2 a metric teaspoon.  Use as soon as possible after exercise for best results.

Bronx Wild Bull L-Glutamine contains no fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners, no caffeine, no added yeast, soy, dairy or gluten, JUST PURE WILD BULL.

Bronx Wild Bull Pure L-Glutamine is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ingredients:  L-Glutamine (100%)

Sizes available:  1kg, 500g, 300g

Not Suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women: should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.  Formulated Supplementary Sports Food