Top 5 Fat Burners for 2019!

A shortlist of our favourite Fat Burning Thermogenic formulas for 2019! Are your favourites in our Top 5?
Top 5 Fat Burners for 2019!

 1. EHP Labs Oxyshred/Oxyshred Hardcore

Oxyshred has reigned supreme for the past 5 or so years when it comes to Fat Burners & Thermogenic formulas. Oxyshred really is standing the test of time which is a testament to the cult like following EHP Labs has built around their flagship product. Oxyshred has managed to stay relevant in heavily competitive market (Others mentioned below) with the use of Incredible Branding/Marketing, Limited Edition Flavours (Orange Gummy, Rainbow Candy this year alone) and the new formulas under the same branding including Oxyshred Hardcore. No matter what your thoughts are about the formula are on paper, Oxyshred is still one of the most well received Fat Burners on the market hence why it takes top spot on our list!

 2. Ghost Lifestyle Burn

Ghost Burn is a product we were eagerly anticipating the wait of from the moment we saw the formula. In what we’ve come to expect from Ghost Lifestyle, Ghost Burn is a full clinical dosed Thermogenic that really packs a punch! With high dosages of Stimulants for Energy Production, whopping dosages of Carnitine (from multiple sources) for Fat Metabolization, Added NeuroFactor for Mental Cognition/Focus and Ashwagandha for Stress, Anxiety & Cortisol control amongst an impressive Thermogenic Blend, Ghost Burn will not only have you sweating but feeling amazing at the same time! PLUS! Ghost Burn may just be the best tasting Fat Burner we have ever tried! With now 4 INCREDIBLE Flavours (Including the ALL NEW Pina Colada at the time of writing), Ghost Burn is Fat Burner you can look forward to drinking!

3. Gen-Tec Nutrition Thermo Fuel

One of our favourite Australian owned supplement companies Gen-Tec Nutrition really hit the nail on the head with Ultimate Thermo Fuel upon it’s release over 18 years ago! While Ultimate Thermo Fuel isn’t the flashiest of formulas with wild claims and promises, what it certainly does is give you the perfect kick in the ass to power through Training or Cardio. In a convenient ready to go liquid, Ultimate Thermo Fuel is a great product as a Stand-Alone or Stackable with any of your favourite Non-Stimulant Products!

4. 13 Lives #Instahoe


More than just a funny name, 13 Lives #Instahoe is one of the most contentious products we’ve had in stock at Australian Muscle in a very long time. The formula crammed into this capsule based supplement isn’t something that is specifically revolutionary, but the effects very may well be. #Instahoe is one of the most effect Thermogenic formulas we have ever tried in recent memory. This is where the contention comes from consumers. If you can tolerate the profuse sweating that the Lean GBB brings on then you’ll love the effects from #Instahoe. If sweating isn’t your thing, Good luck. Once you get used to the intensity of the Thermogenic effect, #Instahoe provides a long lasting energy with an amazing mental focus effect that will have you powering through your workouts or cardio!

5. Red Dragon Nutritionals Fireball


Fireball is the latest release from one of the HOTTEST Australian owned supplement companies, Red Dragon Nutritionals. Fireball is one of the most comprehensive, clinically dosed formulas on the Australian Market (Up there and competing with the likes of Ghost Burn). With such praise you might be wondering why it isn’t higher on our list? Well, it’s because it hasn’t arrived in stock at the time of writing this article. Basing this quite write up purely the label, Fireball simply has to be feature even just honourably on this list. Full clinical dosages of Thermogenics, Fat Metabolizers, GDAs and a Multi Stage Energy & Focus Blend, I personally can no wait to get my hands on Red Dragon Fireball! PLUS! Who doesn’t want a Red Frogs flavoured Fat Burner?







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