Top 3 Pre-Workouts at Australian Muscle!

Top 3 Pre-Workouts at Australian Muscle!

Pre-Workouts… There are hundreds, possibly thousands on the market. So, what is the best? In this short sweet article, we’ve put together what IN OUR OPINION are the Top 3 favourite Pre-Workouts at Australian Muscle!

While this isn’t an elaborate review of each product, we’ll give a quick breakdown and assess why they are the Top 3 in our current range! 

#1 Sparta Nutrition Kraken

Kraken from Sparta Nutrition has been a huge selling product on the Australian Market for the past few years and a sign of a good product is people continuously coming back for it. Kraken is a great complete Pre-Workout providing great dosages of L-Citrulline (4g) for crazy pumps, the patented Hydromax Glycerol for stupid cellular Hydration, an impressive stimulant Blend of TeaCrine, Caffiene Anhydrous & Theobromine and a full clinical dose of Beta Alanine for that endurance amongst many other well dosed ingredients!

But what makes Kraken so good?

In my opinion, it’s because you just feel good. You genuinely feel great on Kraken and I think that’s due to the fact that while there is a lot of stimulants in this Pre-Workout, it isn’t just reliant on a Sh#tload of pure caffeine so there is no crash, but you still get a wicked pump and all the long lasting energy you could ask for. PLUS! Kraken is a damn tasty Pre-Workout. The trend of horrible tasting formulas really is gone with Kraken. This is why Kraken is our #1 Pick!

20/40 Serves, $69.95 


#2 Redcon1 Total War

Redcon1 Total War might have just been the catalyst for the new generations of Pre-Workouts. Before Total War, the Australian Market was flooded with underdosed, proprietary blend formulas that just weren’t hitting the mark after the ban of DMAA and other stimulants. Redcon1 Total War is an incredible Pre-Workout. Loaded with an incredible stimulant blend coming from Caffeine Anhydrous, AMPiBlast, Infinergy & Cocophenols, an overdosed Pump Formula with the combination of L-Citrulline DL-Malate (6g) & Agmatine Sulfate (2g) amongst others.

So why is Redcon1 Total War #2? 

Really, there isn’t a major reason why I chose Kraken above Total War. To be fair it could have easily been a draw or roles reversed but for the sake of this article I needed to make a choice. If I were really splitting hairs between the 2, the only negative for total is the flavours aren’t quite as good (they’re still pretty damn good) and the stimulants for myself can be slightly above what is needed, but that’s about it. 

30 Serves, $69.95 

#3 Red Dragon Nutritionals Dragon’s Breath 

This one I’m excited for! Red Dragon Nutritionals is a NEW, HOT Australian Brand that has really caught my attention! They’re a brand that you may not have heard of but really should be on your radar! Dragon’s Breath is they’re flagship product and what a way to kickstart a brand. HUGE Skin Splitting Pumps, an incredible stimulant blend with the combination of Green Coffee Bean Extract (which we’ll touch on in a sec), TeaCrine & Dynamine and your normal suspects for endurance in the form of Beta Alanine.

2 things catch you by surprise when you first try Dragons Breath. The Flavours are insanely good for a Pre-Workout (One of the best in our range with the exception been the next product) and the Beta Alanine tingles are insane! The absence of Taurine is really noticeable as that tends to buffer some of those tingles but regardless, you feel good on Dragons Breath. The blend of Teacrine and Dynamine is a great one for smooth but hard-hitting energy and the organic caffeine blend from Green Coffee Bean Extract mean you’re getting great energy but no crash. The only absence from this product is a more complex Mental Focus blend which is one of the reasons it’s a little lower on this list but with what I’m sure will be future releases, there’s a bright future for Red Dragon.

20/40 Serves, $69.95





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