Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch Review!

Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch Review!

What is It?

Adrenal Switch is an ALL NEW Recovery Formula. Adrenal Switch is a combination of Amino Acids, Minerals and Adaptogens designed to help improve Recovery, Decrease Stress, Improve Calming & Improve Sleep Patterns just to name a few amongst a range of benefits.

Core Ingredients!

L-Leucine (1000mg)

L-Leucine is one of the Nine Essential Amion Acids. Leucine has been shown to assist in slowing the breakdown of Muscle Tissue by increasing Protein Synthesis. Essentially, Leucine is added into Adrenal Switch to aid in your overall recovery whether you’re using it Post-Workout or as a Sleep Aid. Dosages of Leucine can vary anywhere from 1g – 5g so in combination with the other ingredients in Adrenal Switch alongside naturally occurring daily ingestion through other protein sources, the amount is adequately dosed.

L-Glycine (1000mg)

L-Glycine is a Non-Essential Amino acid that has many links to improving Brain Function but more so Sleep Problems. There are also a range of other benefits as well including protecting Kidney & Liver Health, Improving Memory although these have not been hugely validated at this time. The main reason we can assume that L-Glycine is added into Adrenal Switch is for its links to benefiting Sleep Patterns or even Brain Function. The dosage of L-Glycine for all benefits ranges from 0.8g – 2g daily so the dosage of 1000mg is in a great range!

Ashwagandha (335mg)

Ashwagandha is an ingredient that we have loved to see appear in many Recovery products in recent. There are a HUGE range of possible benefits but the main one that is associated with the benefits of Ashwagandha is Stress Relief. Many studies have shown that supplementing with 300mg of Ashwagandha twice daily appears to improve symptoms of stress.

Magnesium (300mg)

Magnesium is a ingredient that has a near never-ending list of possible effects. Reducing Blood Pressure, Improving the symptoms of Fatigue, Improving Bone Strenght and Assissting in the proper function of Nerves & Muscles seem to have the most backing behind the use of Magensium Supplementation. The Daily dosage of Magnesium for Men & Women is anywhere from 300mg – 400mg so the dosage that appears in 1 Serve of Adrenal Switch is once again right on the money!


Adrenal Switch truly is a unique recovery supplement. Switch Nutrition promotes Adrenal Switch as a product you can use anytime throughout the day to promote recovery or calming. I’ve found for personal use and how most people will likely use this product is before bed has the best benefits.

Adrenal Switch however is not your knockout sleep formula that people come to expect from other brands. It doesn’t provide the same knockout effects that some people love especially if you struggle to get to sleep. What it does provide however is a great calming effect especially if you are already relaxing or settling down for the night. I used 1 scoop and for 15-20 minutes prior to falling asleep the sense of relaxation is great! I found as well alongside providing a great calming effect before sleep, Adrenal Switch also improved the quality of sleep dramatically without then having the same heavy groggy feeling some other formulas provide.

Final Thoughts!

As an overall recovery supplement is Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch the best on the market? Hard to say. You could easily argue there are on paper better recovery formulas but for the effects Adrenal Switch does provide it is still a phenomenal product. If all your other avenues of recovery are covered (Nutrition & Supplementation) and you want something to improve your sleep patterns without the heavy groggy feeling of traditional Sleep Formulas, Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch is a product you have to try!









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