Spartan Amino… Spartan EAA… Spartan BCAA!

Sparta Nutrition has been around in the supplement market of Australia for a few years now with many knowing the brand for their hugely popular Pre-Workouts/Fat Burners Kraken, Kraken Pump and Hydra Shred. For those who didn’t know, Sparta Nutrition also ventured into the Amino Acid market with what we thought of as quite a neat product, Hydra8 BCAA. Unfortunately for whatever reason may be, Hydra8 BCAA never reached the same potential as the other products in the Sparta Range and swiftly has been updated in what truly is a full remake!

Introducing, Spartan BCAA!

Spartan BCAA, a name that sells this product short. Sparta BCAA is your full spectrum BCAA AND Essential Amino Acid Supplement. Comprising a hefty 5g dose of BCAAs, Sparta BCAA also contains a 3g dose of Essential Amino Acids as part of the patented Amino9TM Blend meaning in total you’ll receive 8g of Amino Acids (BCAAs & EAAs) per serving!

And that’s it! No unnecessary crap, just a fully dosed Amino Acid Product. What could be better?

Unrivalled Taste!

At the time of this review, Spartan BCAA comes in a total of 4 flavours, Gum Drop, Lemon Drop, Peach Mango and Watermelon. AND THEY’RE ALL INCREDIBLE! Of course, taste is a personal opinion but Spartan BCAA truly is a delicious product. The flavours are all delicious and while that been the case, not overly sweet at the same time. As seen with some other international brands, Amino Acid formulas can quite easily be so overpoweringly sweet, but Sparta has managed to hit the mark perfectly (at least in our humble opinion).

Just the Essentials, None of the Crap!

Now that we’re reaching this end of this short breakdown/review, I’m rattling my brain to try and think of other things to discuss about Spartan BCAA but there really isn’t anything extra needed! It’s a great, clean BCAA/EAA formula perfect for either Intra-Workout Supplementation or throughout the day which is my preferred method. 

If you’re in the market for a great tasting, simple but effective Amino Acid supplement, Spartan BCAA has to be in your consideration!