Faction Labs has truly taken the Australian market by storm with the 2019 release of the High Stimulant, Complete Pre-Workout Disorder. Since then Faction Labs has shown no signs of slowing down and has now released their highly anticipated Stimulant Based Thermogenic, Deficit.


Deficit is an incredible well-rounded Fat Burner/Thermogenic formula featuring ingredients for Fat Metabolizing, Energy, Focus and Wellbeing.



Faction Labs Deficit can be broken down into 4 distinct categories, Fat Metabolizers, Thermogenic, Energy/Stimulants, Focus/Nootropics, All of which are completely overdosed from what is a custom in a typical Fat Burning Formula.

For Fat Metabolizing you are getting a Carnitine Blend for Aceytl L-Canrintie & Carnitine Fumurate, for focus/Nootropic it’s an impressive blend of Alpha GPC, L-Tyrosine, Theanine, Cowhage Extract, Stimulants (in typical Faction Labs Style) are over top with a combination of Caffeine, Cocobuterol, Synephine & Halostachine and finally Lean GBB & Grains of Paradise close up the Thermogenic category.

Keep in mind this is just the major ingredients, there is also the addition of Ashwagandha for your Adaptagens, Bioperine for increasing the Bio Availability of Ingredients, Grapeseed Extract as a powerful antioxidant and Chromium Picolinate for increasing your bodies sensitivity to Insulin.

As you can see, Deficit is a completely over the top formula but what else would you expect from Faction Labs?

At the time of writing this Deficit currently comes in 4 Flavours Kiwi Mango, Passionfruit, Pine Orange and Raspberry Soda, all of which (and this should always be prefaced) are delicious for a Fat Burner!



The part of the review/breakdown that most people skip to. As you can probably imagine from the sheer number of ingredients and such well-rounded dosages Deficit packs quite a punch. Using it as a Pre-Cardio tool, the increase of Focus & Wellbeing is quite incredible. You feel genuinely great throughout the whole time and the energy is clean and smooth. The sweats on the other hand are intense! After an hour of steady state cardio, I was drenched. This is something that you have to take into account as Deficit won’t be a product you’ll be able to use simply as a during the day thermo. Be prepared for a shower and change of shirt or two after use!



If you were/are a fan of Faction Labs flagship product Disorder, you are going to be a HUGE fan of Deficit! The combination of Flavours, Energy, Focus, Wellbeing & Thermogenics is far superior than many other formulas on the Australian Market. Turn up the heat and take your fat burning results to another level with Faction Labs Deficit.