ATP Science NoWay Collagen Bar!

3 Years in the making and 6 months after been teased of the product, ATP Science is finally set to release their highly anticipated NoWay Collagen Protein Bar!

The NoWay Protein Bar has to one of the most talked about Protein Bar releases we have ever seen in Australia and for good reason! ATP Science has for the past few years easily become one of the most innovative Supplement Manufacturers and NoWay Collagen Protein Bar is no exception. High Protein, Low Carbohydrate, Low Fat, No added Sugar, No Artificial Flavours or Colours, No Dairy, Lactose or Gluten and it still tastes good, Maybe this is why the bar has taken so long for release?

What’s in NoWay Bar?


In terms of formula, it’s nothing like your normal protein bar. BODYBALANCE Hydrolysed Collagen (Bovine) makes up the protein source and for those that don’t know, it’s the same source for the much loved NoWay Protein. The rest of the formula is made up of Natural, Gut Friendly ingredients to add Flavour, Consistency and Texture.

So, what does NoWay Bar Taste like?

The main question that everyone is asking, What does ATP Science NoWay Bar Taste like? It’s hard to say! NoWay Bar is unlike any Protein Bar we have ever tried. The First reason been, the consistency is unlike anything you’ve tried on the market. It really is closer to a Gummy/Lolly than it is your typical Protein Bar.

Once you get past the consistency which isn’t bad (Unless you hate Gummy), the flavours are pretty good! They’re not over the top sweet which is to be expected since it’s naturally flavoured and ATP is known for not using a heap of flavouring but, NoWay bar is easy to enjoy!

The current flavours are Banana Caramel Pie, Lemon Curd and Coconut Brownie. The only flavour I found worse off compared to the others was the Coconut Brownie. I found it just didn’t suit the consistency of the NoWay Collagen. It wasn’t bad, but the more fruity or typical lolly flavours are a lot better!

Bars make me feel like crap.. Does NoWay? 

No. ATP NoWay bar does live up to its claims on the packaging of been 100% Gut Friendly. I find most typical protein bars are very harsh on digestion and generally make me feel like crap. NoWay Bar is the exception. It surprisingly filling but digests very easily and would make a great afternoon snack, which is how I’ve been using the few samples we’ve tried.

Final Verdict

The Flavours and Consistency is something that we’ve never seen from any other Protein Bar manufacturer and for that ATP Science has to be applauded for. However, because of that in my opinion you’re either going to love or hate the NoWay Protein Bar. Personally, I enjoyed these bars. They’re easy digesting, High Protein, have a lolly consistency and taste pretty good! In the end, even if you’re not an avid Protein Bar lover you have to give the NoWay Bar a try just for the sake of it been such as different product from the typical norm.

Get your hands on the ATP NoWay Bar next month (June) at Australian Muscle!