This product had us interested from the moment we saw the teasers. Not just because it’s a brand that in 2020 has become one of our favourites for their unique & hardcore products, but because the branding is something completely out of left field (and not a bad thing) compared to the rest of their range.

Introducing, 13 Lives Steamfunk



The formula behind 13 Lives Steamfunk can be broken down like most Pre-Workouts into 3 major categories. Endurance & Pumps, Energy & Focus. For Pumps you have 4g of Citrulline Malate & 550g of AgmapureTM Agmatine, Endurance the standard 3.2g of Beta Alanine, Focus & Clarity an impressive blend of Huperzine A, Alpha GPC (100mg), Theobroma Cacao (100mg) & L-Tyrosine (500mg) and finally a huge Stimulant blend comprised of a whopping 350mg of Caffeine, 200mg of English Walnut Extract and wrapping it up Hordenine (55mg) & Synephrine HCL (30mg).

Stimulant Heavy, Focus Heavy and Pump Heavy. What more could you possibly want from a Pre-Workout formula?



13 Lives is a brand that hasn’t ventured into Flavoured/Powder formulas (as far as we know) before so we were curious as to what they’re first flavoured product would taste like. We were blown away. As of writing this Steamfunk comes in a total of 4 flavours which includes Mango Passionfruit, Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi & Watermelon Kiwi all of which are delicious for a product genre that is often quite hard to flavour nicely.



13 Lives is a brand that since we’ve started working with and using their products we’ve noticed doesn’t skip corners. All their products deliver what they claim. Steampunk is no exception.


Energy wise, Steamfunk is brilliant. Looking at the label it did worry me as typically I steer away from serving sizes of caffeine anhydrous over 300mg but even at the full dose of 350mg amongst then the blend of other stimulant the energy is hard hitting but smooth. No crash or come down as of yet (I am writing this 2 hours after training) and the mental focus/clarity was on par with some of the best products with similar ingredients. In regards to pumps and endurance, with clinical dosages of Citrulline & Agmatine you’re going to get a crazy pump and the 3.2g of Beta Alanine will have you skin crawling!


If you’re after a well rounded Pre-Workout that will have you energized, but not overstimulated and provide all the normal pump & performance effects you come to expect from a fully loaded pre-workout, you have to give Steamfunk a try!


Available early June at Australian Muscle.