Faction Labs has truly taken the Australian market by storm with the 2019 release of the High Stimulant, Complete Pre-Workout Disorder. Since then Faction Labs has shown no signs of slowing down and has now released their highly anticipated Stimulant Based Thermogenic, Deficit.   Deficit is an incredible well-rounded Fat...

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About Me Name: Scott Nelson Age: 25 Occupation: Personal Trainer I am a Personal Trainer and Natural Bodybuilder. I have been competing since 2013 and also started working in the fitness industry in 2013. I am located at Limbo Gym Holden Hill where I run my own personal training business,...

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A shortlist of our favourite Fat Burning Thermogenic formulas for 2019! Are your favourites in our Top 5?

 1. EHP Labs Oxyshred/Oxyshred Hardcore Oxyshred has reigned supreme for the past 5 or so years when it comes to Fat Burners & Thermogenic formulas. Oxyshred really is standing the test of time which is a testament to the cult like following EHP Labs has built around their flagship product....

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