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About OH-C21

List of Ingredients

1.5ml per serving 3 servings per day
120 servings per bottle
Purified Water 72.40%
Hydroxy Propyl Beta Cyclodextrin 14.49%
Glycerol 9.76%
Fortified Vitex Agnus-Castus Extract 2.43%
Citric Acid 0.28%
Sucralose 0.19%
Mint Flavour [artificial] 0.19%
Acesulfame Potassium 0.19%
K Sorbate 0.03%
Na Benzoate 0.03%
Ca EDTA 0.01

LG Sciences OH-C21 is quite possibly one of the most substantial breakthroughs in sports supplement research. Competitive athletes and recreational enthusiasts from various sports backgrounds are raving about the positive effects Natadrol has on their physical progession and training. Choose OH-C21, and take your natural supplementation to an unnatural level. Join the world's top athletes that use OH-C21, and become naturally unnatural, today

PLEASE NOTE: Will Require Post Cycle Therepy

Will return a positive Drug test under WADA regulations!


Size: 180ml - 120 Servings

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